Changing names with myGov

No matter what your reason for changing names is, it’s important all records are updated at a similar time or you can experience issues proving your identification. myGov links together a range of government services, such as ATO, Medicare, Centrelink, DVA and more.

If you’ve changed names, no separate notification is necessary to update your name on the myGov platform. myGov pulls your name from the first government service module that you linked to the platform, so it’s not always the same process for everyone and you may not recall what that module was.

For example, if Medicare was the first module linked then you need to send your name change request by letter or email or over the phone and allow up to 4 weeks for Medicare to be updated. Once the update is complete your new name will flow onto the myGov platform. If Centrelink was the first linked service then you’ll have to visit a branch to get your name changed, then your new name should appear on myGov within a few days.

myGov will not function correctly where different linked service modules have different names, so it’s important to update all linked services at around the same time. Where one module is in a different name you may experience access issues after some time. myGov has been unable to confirm the exact time frame allowed for all modules to be linked in the same name, so it’s worthwhile aiming to get all modules changed within a few weeks.

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