Medicare Name Change

No matter what your reason for changing names is, update the name on your Medicare card by sending in an email, letter or calling. Easy Name Change provides a ready to send email or letter. Just attach the proof listed and send! Medicare takes 4 weeks to process the change, then allow about 3 weeks for a new card to be received. Your Medicare number won’t change.

Accepted proof of name change can be a document from Births, Deaths and Marriages (eg: marriage certificate, legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate). You can instead send in a copy of your updated photo ID.

Do you also need to change names with Centrelink? While both Medicare and Centrelink fall under Services Australia, updating your name with one provider does not update the other. The worst part of changing names is waiting on hold for an hour with places like Centrelink, only to find you need to visit in person.


Changing names anywhere else?

Chances are you need to change names with another 20 or so organisations. If you do this yourself you’re up for hours on hold, weeks of waiting for forms and processes to be confirmed. Yuck! Our kits provide fully researched name change instructions and all your forms, letters and emails ready to send. We cover it all! ATO, passport, driver’s licence, banks, communications, AEC and hundreds more! Use our free preview to browse the database and imagine how much time you can save!


Ready to change your name now?