How much does it cost to change names?

The total cost of changing your name depends on your reason for the name change and how far through the process you may already be. If you’re changing names from marriage or removing your spouse’s surname then there’s a good chance you already have the proof documents needed, so there’s no need to apply for any certificates.

If you need to reorder your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages, expect to pay from $50 to $70 per certificate. A successful legal name change application will cost between $125 and $280. Prices vary depending on your state’s BDM fees.

The cost of your certificate is not included in our service and should be paid directly to your state BDM office. If you have not yet applied for your certificate we can supply all state application forms in any of our personalised kits or we’ll provide instructions for applying online.


A marriage certificate costs anywhere from $50 to $85, depending on your state’s BDM fee structure. If you already have a marriage certificate you don’t need to apply for another one.

Divorce/Separation Name Change

You’ll need to show your official marriage certificate together with either your divorce decree or birth certificate. You must have been married in Australia and have your former name on your Australian birth or citizenship certificate. If not, apply for a legal name change.

Legal Name Change

Depending on your state, a successful legal name change costs anywhere from $131.50 (VIC) to over $270 (SA). For current certificate costs visit the BDM website for the state where your event took place or read the relevant section in the Easy Name Change guide.

Other costs you can expect

An Easy Name Change personalised kit costs $39 (email) or $79 (by post). Our certified kit is $169 and we will provide registered post envelopes for the collection and return of your original proof documents, providing as many copies and certified copies as necessary. We check your forms are complete and lodge them for you.

A replacement passport with the same expiry date is free provided your name change is a result of a change of relationship. To be eligible you must have a minimum of 2 years remaining on your existing passport. For all other circumstances, you will need to apply for a new 10 year passport. Full fees apply. A new 10 year passport will set you back around $325.

Companies don’t charge to update your name in their system. You can expect charges if identity documents or certificates need to be reissued in your new name. eg: Working With Children cards, High Risk Work licences, CPA certificates or professional licences. These charges are set by each company and are typically $10 to $20. These costs are charged directly to the customer.

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