Changing Names on the Electoral Roll (AEC)

If you’re enrolled to vote you’ll need to inform the AEC once you have changed names from marriage, divorce, separation or legal name change. We can provide the form as part of our personalised kits. Just click the button below to get started. There are also other ways to change names with the AEC, including completing an online form. No proof is needed. If you are mailed confirmation of your change it can be used as proof of your name and address. Keep this as it may be handy to prove your residential address if asked by other companies.


Need to change names anywhere else?

If you’ve been married, divorced or legally change names you probably have a whole bunch of other companies to update, like the ATO, Medicare, passports, licences and more. Save yourself hours of googling, researching and waiting on hold! We provide everything you need!

Get ready to send forms, letters and emails, along with comprehensive name change procedures for all your chosen companies. In most cases, you can just sign and send! It’s free to browse our database, and if you’re not happy for any reason we’ll fully refund you. No nasty surprises. Ready to start changing names? Just click the button.


Ready to change your name now?