Changing a Child’s Name

Name change for children is quite common and can occur for a number of reasons: children may take a new surname as parents divorce or marry, spelling mistakes on birth certificates may be corrected or adopted children may take a new family name.

To change a child’s name one parent needs to lodge an application with Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state where the child was born. The application form needs to be completed by at least one parent and will require consent from the other parent if they are still a legal guardian. In the case of absent or non-consenting parents, please contact the registry for advice.

You can change a child’s name only once every 12 months unless there are exceptional circumstances. The law can differ by state based on the location of birth, the child’s age, parental situation and personal safety. For questions relating to changing a child’s name please contact Births, Deaths and Marriages in your home state.

Easy Name Change Kits are not suitable for children because they have very few organisations to notify. The process is easy enough to manage yourself. Contact your child’s school or daycare, Medicare, private health care fund and any health care providers. Although evidence of a new name for a child can be traced via documentation, it is still a good idea to update your will with the new name of your child if they are a benefactor.

If a child is over 12 years old their consent is usually required. If both parents and/or child are not in agreement on a new name it may be referred to court. Contact Births, Deaths & Marriages in your state to obtain the necessary forms, get current fees and any further information.

Please do not contact Easy Name Change for any questions about changing a child’s name. We are not in any way affiliated with BDM and are unable to help.

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