I do and I will: Brides continue with increasingly traditional name change choices


I do and I will: Brides continue with increasingly traditional name change choices.

MELBOURNE, April 2013

Modern Australian brides continue to be more traditional than their mothers when it comes to changing names after marriage, according to Easy Name Change’s annual survey. Of the brides who change names, a whopping 94% will take their husband’s name in place of their own on official documents.

What change are brides making?

Double-barrelled, or joint names, were once seen as the best of both worlds but now are only popular with 4% of respondents. As joined names are considered too clunky, a popular choice was to retain the use of a maiden name in some capacity. In 2010 this was popular with almost a third, but now only appeals to 18%. As with prior years, there are also the daring few who chose to take a different surname altogether.

What’s motivating brides?

Changing names is all about family unity. The three most cited motivators were ‘wanting the whole family to have the same name’ (89%), ‘as a sign of commitment to my new family (84%), and, surprisingly, ‘traditional and ritual’, which resonated with 75% of respondents.

Interestingly, more than half of the brides surveyed agreed that changing names reflect their achievement in getting married. In the three years the survey has been conducted, it is the only motivating factor that has significantly grown year on year.

But they’re not happy about it

While more brides than ever are rushing to change names, it’s not creating a positive impression. Emotionally, brides are better off with their own names. Only 10% are happier, 21% more confident and 19% have an improved sense of identity post-name change.

Making sense of it all

‘Modern brides grew up experiencing a family breakdown in record numbers. While they are less likely to make it down the aisle, those who do are determined to make it work. Changing names helps make an external statement about family unity.’ comments Easy Name Change director, Genevieve Dennis.

Other quirky name changes

The Australian Name Change survey has run annually since 2010 and always reveals some fascinating stories. A handful of men take their wife’s surnames after marriage, and some even change names after divorce.

While no national statistics have been released on the number of Legal name changes in 2012, it’s estimated at around 50,000. Reasons for legal name change are wildly varied, but most popular include not wanting to be part of a family, formalising a common name or just liking a different name more.

About the name change survey & ENC

Easy Name Change is an Australian company that helps people around the world change names. They have been operating since 2008 and running their annual survey since 2010.


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