It’s a Girl! William and Kate welcome HRH Charlotte Elizabeth Diana


It’s a Girl! William and Kate welcome HRH Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

MELBOURNE, July 2013

Or will her name be Alexandra? This week’s poll by UK name changing service reveals that Britons believe the royal baby will be a girl and they are divided equally between Charlotte and Alexandra, with Grace also a strong favourite. There was no uncertainty with middle names, as over 58% believed Diana and 50% Elizabeth would appear on the Princess’ birth certificate.

If we’re to welcome a little Prince, one-third of respondents believed he’d be called James, an appropriately regal name with six Scottish and two English kings. Charles and Philip won votes for middle names from 50% and 40% of the respondents.

Modern attitudes to naming

It is expected William and Kate will choose a name that brings continuity to the royal family and links with their history. It’s no surprise that half of the respondents expect a royal name and 40% expect a traditional British name. Interestingly, when asked what name they prefer, half chose traditional British names that have not been popularised by the Royal family, and 30% thought a modern name popular to Kate and Williams generation. Only 20% of respondents would like a popular royal family name.

It will influence British babies

Whatever name William and Kate decide on, there’s no doubt it will become hot property. 75% believe it will be the most popular baby name in 2013. Easy Name Change’s survey polled engaged and newlywed women, of which 10% claimed the royal baby’s name will influence their choice of baby names.


Unlike us commoners, the royal baby isn’t required to have a surname. Charles adopted the surname Wales from his title as Prince, and his sons have taken to using the surname Wales when appropriate. The Queen goes by her house name Windsor, and Philip by Mountbatten. Could William and Kate break with tradition and sign an official surname onto a birth certificate? While a quarter of us don’t think so, a third believes Wales could appear on the birth certificate. The baby’s surname could also be Cambridge, in line with Kate and Will’s title.

Tied with history

The reason for choosing the names will be very important and no doubt scrutinised by the media. Charlotte is a modern name and has become increasingly popular (number 21 in 2011). Charlotte is Pippa Middleton’s middle name and also King George III’s wife. Alexandra is the middle name of Queen Elizabeth and also Prince William’s godmother. Senior members of the royal family are more likely to be honoured with their names appearing in the middle name, making Elizabeth and Diana popular choices.

James is a popular name with young parents, number 8 in 2011 to be exact. With no King James’ since the 1600s, it is a fresh name, while also being steeped in tradition. Charles, Philip and William are all likely candidates for middle names. Surprisingly, Arthur was only a popular middle name with 5% of respondents, despite William and Charles both having this as a middle name.

Here she comes!

Apparently, the baby will arrive on Sunday 21st if our respondents get to have their say. Now wouldn’t that be convenient timing for the world’s media?


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