Changing Names in Western Australia

Marriage Name Change in Western Australia

No matter where you were born, if you were married in Western Australia you need your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) in WA before you can start changing names. We provide the BDM application form in all our name change kits. The completed form should be returned to WA BDM with photocopies of the necessary proof documents (certified copies not needed).

If you live in Western Australia and were married interstate you must apply for your marriage certificate from that state BDM office. Anyone married abroad will be unable to receive an Australian marriage certificate. They should instead apply for a legal name change (explained in greater detail below).

All government departments and most companies want to see your original marriage certificate, a certified copy or photocopy. As each company determines their name change process and acceptable proof, you’ll need to set aside several hours to contact each company to learn the process and figure out what to send where. Save yourself over 8 hours of research and paperwork with an Easy Name Change kit! Get personalised and ready to send name change notifications in minutes. Check each notification to learn what document to provide. Can’t find someone to certify your documents? Buy our Certified Kit and we’ll provide JP-certified copies of your marriage certificate and all other necessary proof! We also check your forms are correct, make all necessary copies and certified copies of your proof and lodge all notifications by mail!


Divorce Name Change/Reverting to Former Name in Western Australia

Anyone can revert to their former name, regardless of their marital status. You may be divorced, separated, or just prefer your former name. It doesn’t matter if your divorce was finalised in WA or any other state and you do not need to be divorced! The procedure is the same nationwide and any Australian-issued divorce decree is accepted. Anyone returning to their former name needs to show their Australian BDM-issued marriage certificate plus one other document:

  • Your divorce decree. If divorced after 2014 this is a digital document and can’t be certified. Companies still accept this. OR
  • BDM birth certificate, foreign birth certificate or AU citizenship certificate. This document must be in your former name.

If you were married more than once, married overseas or have previously had a legal name change then there are additional proof documents and limitations. Read our content explaining a complicated history of names.


Legal Name Change in Western Australia

If your name change is not resulting from taking or removing your spouse’s name, then you need a legal name change. To lodge your legal name change you must have a WA birth certificate, or else be born overseas and be a resident of WA for at least 12 months. WA-born applicants will receive an amended birth certificate as evidence of their prior and new names. If born elsewhere you will be issued with a legal name change certificate.

If you were born interstate you must lodge your application with the BDM office in that state.

Receive the BDM legal name change application form as part of any Easy Name Change kit (application fees payable directly to BDM WA). We explain how to lodge, how to prove your identity, fees and more.


Once you’ve changed names, you must inform all the relevant organisations of your new name, which is where Easy Name Change can help. We provide company-specific name change forms, ready to send letters and emails. Just add your certificate to our paperwork and send!

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