Changing Names in the ACT

If you’re married or going back to your former name you may already have your official marriage certificate and birth certificate, so you can start using your new name now. If you’re legally changing names you can lodge your application with Births, Deaths and Marriages ACT, no matter where you were born! Once you have the official certificates from Births, Deaths and Marriages you can start using your new name!

Easy Name Change provides all the necessary information and ready to send notifications to get your records updated with ACT authorities and all other companies, so you’ll save hours of tedious research. Start by visiting an Access Canberra location with your current driver’s licence and BDM certificate. There’s no charge to receive your ACT driver’s licence in your new name. The licence will be sent by mail within 5 business days.

Next, sign all your name change letters, emails and forms. They are pre-addressed, written in your name and ready to sign and send! Our database allows you to select both local organisations, such as Actew AGL, Energy Australia and the University of Canberra, as well as national organisations like the Commonwealth Bank and Qantas Frequent Flyer.

All kits come with the Easy Name Change Guide, stepping you through new name options and the process of changing your name. The Guide is packed full of other useful information like instructions for legal name change and obtaining certified copies.

All kits contain the same forms, letters and ready to forward emails. Both the Print & Post and the Certified kits are mailed to you in a handy folder with 3 prepaid envelopes. Can’t find a JP? Order the certified kit and we’ll also check your forms, certify all necessary identification and lodge your notifications. Our 60 day money back guarantee means it’s risk-free! So try it now with our free preview – you’ll see all the companies we cover so you’ll save hours!


Ready to change your name now?