Communications Name Change Procedure

No matter if you’re changing names from marriage, divorce or legally, Optus customers should complete the Change of Personal Details form and send into Optus together with proof of name change (eg: your marriage, divorce or legal name change certificate). We provide the Optus Change of Name form via the button below.



If you’re changing names then chances are you need to notify about 25 different places, including the ATO, Medicare, banks, insurance companies and dozens more! We provide everything needed to get your name changed fast across 750 Australian companies! Get ready to send company forms, letters and emails! All our notifications are personalised, contain all your name change information and are pre-addressed to each company. Just sign and send!

Can’t I just change names myself?

Yes! You don’t need to use an Easy Name Change kit to change names. Instead, do an audit of all the places where you hold an account, membership or identification. Next, get in contact with each one to learn their name change process – each company is different. Some like Optus will send you a form, others may require a letter or email to be sent in, so be sure to ask their address. Also check what proof is required. Does it need to be certified or will a photocopy do? There are also places that have hard to find name change portals online or may require you to log into your account to send a message or update your profile. Allow 20 minutes per company for the research and paperwork. If you have 25 companies this alone will take 8 hours across several weeeks. If you have bettter things to do then buy an Easy Name Change kit.

Do you have the right proof?

There are different documents depending on your reason for changing names. Taking your spouse’s surname? You need the official marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages – BDM (unless you were married overseas). If you’re going back to your name prior to marriage then you need your BDM marriage certificate together with either your divorce order or birth certificate. If you’re changing names for any other reason then apply for a legal name change and you’ll be issued with either an amended birth certificate or a legal name change certificate. Each of our notifications will list where to attach a copy or certified copy of ‘Your certificate’ – this is the official marriage or legal name change certificate from BDM.


Ready to change your name now?

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