Health Name Change Procedure

It’s crucial to update your Medicare card before changing your name with GMHBA as your private health insurance records are linked to Medicare. Failure to match the name on your GMHBA account with your Medicare card could lead to the rejection of your claim. The process of updating your name after marriage, divorce, or a legal name change varies among health insurance organisations, with some requiring a specific form while others need a letter or their own change of name form.

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If you’re changing your name, you’ll have to notify several organisations, including GMHBA, which could take up to 10-15 entities. It usually takes around 15 minutes to learn about the name change procedure for GMHBA, and you’ll have to repeat this process for other organisations, making it a time-consuming task that could take up to six hours to complete. You’ll also need to write letters notifying each organisation of your name change.

However, you can save yourself the time and effort of researching the name change process for GMHBA and other organisations by using our personalised name change kits. We’ll write the notification letters on your behalf, containing all your name change information, and pre-address them for you to sign and send. We also include any special forms required by the organisations. Our name change kits take only 15 minutes to create and are delivered within minutes of purchase. With our service, you can get the name change process and paperwork for GMHBA and over 500 other Australian organisations without spending hours researching and writing letters.


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