Health Name Change Procedure

To ensure your health insurance claim is not rejected, it’s essential to update your Medicare card before changing your name with HBF, as your private health insurance records are linked to Medicare. Updating your name with HBF and other organisations after marriage, divorce or legal name change can be time-consuming, with different procedures required by different companies. Typically, you’ll need to set aside around 6 hours to research the various procedures and complete the necessary paperwork for all the relevant organisations.

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However, there is an easier way to manage this process. Instead of spending hours researching and completing paperwork, you can save time by using our personalised name change kit service. Our service prepares all your name change notifications for you, including letters addressed to over 500 Australian organisations, with pre-filled name change information and any required forms included. This service only takes 15 minutes to create, and you’ll receive it within minutes of purchase. So instead of spending hours on this process, you can get it done quickly and easily, without any hassle.


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