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Health Name Change Procedure

To ensure that your claim is not rejected, it is crucial to update your Medicare card before changing your name with Health Partners as private health insurance records are linked to Medicare. Each health insurance organisation has its own procedures for updating your name due to marriage, divorce, or legal name change. This may involve filling out a special form, sending a letter, or completing the company’s change of name form.

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Updating your name with Health Partners and other organisations can be time-consuming and requires sending out numerous letters. Typically, you will need to notify 10 to 15 organisations, which can take up to six hours to complete. To simplify the process, consider using a personalised name change kit that includes pre-written letters and forms for Health Partners and more than 500 other Australian organisations. These kits take only 15 minutes to create and can be delivered within minutes of purchase. This saves you time and effort researching each organisation’s specific name change procedures, allowing you to complete the process quickly and easily


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