Insurance Name Change Procedure

If you’ve gotten married, divorced or are legally changing your name, you’ll need to update your policy with Allianz. The insurance company usually needs a written request for a name change, so they have your old and new signatures on file. You’ll also need to provide supporting documents to prove the name change.

If you don’t want to call Allianz to find out about the procedure or search their website for it, we can help. Easy Name Change provides all the information you need to change your name on your policy with Allianz. We can even write the letter or email for you to sign and send.

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You’ll probably have to notify about 10 to 15 other organisations of your new name, so why not get all your name change paperwork done at once? We have detailed name change procedures for over 500 Australian organisations, so you won’t have to make any phone calls, write letters, wait for forms to arrive, or address envelopes. Our personalised kits make it easy for you.


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