Other Name Change Procedure

If you have a road tolling account with Linkt, it’s a good idea to update your name on file once your new credit card arrives. We recommend updating credit cards first because a name change will result in a new card being sent in your new name, which means your credit card number will change. Any direct debits linked to your old card will fail and need to be set up again. Follow our steps for a smoother name change:

  1. Update your credit card and wait for the new card to arrive
  2. Log into your Linkt account and select ‘my details’ from the dashboard. Overwrite your old name with any new details.
  3. Go to the billing section of your account and provide your new credit card number

How can Easy Name Change help?

Linkt is just one of the dozens of places you need to update following marriage, removing your spouse’s surname or a legal name change. Getting all the information needed for every single company takes HOURS! Then you need to complete a bunch of forms, write letters and send emails. We guarantee you’ll save hours of headache and paperwork. Simply check your companies off from our database and we provide fully personalised and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Simply attach your proof of name change and send!


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