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Sports Clubs Name Change Procedure

Updating your Carlton Football Club membership is a relatively simple process since it’s not linked to any other record. You may choose to wait for the end of the season when renewal notices are sent out, but if you prefer to manage your membership proactively, we can provide you with the necessary information.

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If you’re changing your name, Carlton Football Club is just one of the approximately 15 organisations that you’ll need to notify. Generally, the name change procedures for other companies are more complex than those of Carlton Football Club, requiring a written name change request or even a special form. If you’re unwilling to research and write letters and emails notifying other companies of your name change, we can help. Our personalised name change kits enable you to select from over 500 Australian organisations to notify of your new name.

To begin, provide us with some basic information about yourself and your name change, and then peruse our company database to select all of the organisations you need to notify. After payment, we’ll promptly provide you with the necessary documents, which differ for each organisation. You’ll receive letters, forms, and emails in your name, all set to be sent.

On average, people need to notify approximately 15 organisations of their new name. If you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes per organisation waiting on hold, having forms sent, writing letters, and addressing envelopes, you could save 5 hours of tedious administrative work. Registration and database browsing are free, so begin now!


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