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Updating your Collingwood Football Club membership is a straightforward process since it isn’t linked to any other record. Although you may wait until the end of the season when renewal notices are sent out, we can provide you with the necessary information if you wish to manage your Collingwood Football Club membership proactively.

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If you’re changing your name, Collingwood Football Club is just one of the 15 or so organisations you need to inform. Name change procedures for other companies are generally more complicated than with Collingwood Football Club, where you may need to provide a written request or complete a special form. If you find researching name change procedures and writing letters or emails too much hassle, we’re here to help. Our customised name change kits enable you to choose from over 500 Australian organisations who should receive notification of your new name.

All you need to do is furnish us with some basic information about yourself and your name change. Then, peruse our company database, select the organisations you need to notify, and we’ll provide you with the necessary documents immediately after checkout. Since every organisation’s requirements are different, you’ll receive personalised letters, forms, and emails in your name, ready to be dispatched.

On average, individuals need to notify about 15 organisations of their new name. Hence, you could save five hours of monotonous administration if you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes per organisation waiting on hold, filling out forms, and addressing envelopes. Our database is free to access and search, so start browsing now!


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