Water Corporation

Utilities Name Change Procedure

If you want to change your name with utility companies like Water Corporation, the process may differ. Some companies require a letter, while others prefer an email or have a designated form. Few companies may allow you to make changes over the phone if you prove your identity.

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If you’re changing your name with Water Corporation, you’ll probably need to inform approximately 15 other companies like your super fund, bank, credit card providers, and others. Each organisation has a unique procedure, so contacting each one of them to learn their requirements and sending necessary notifications will consume roughly five hours.

But you can make things easier by purchasing an Easy Name Change kit. We have studied the name change policies of over 500 Australian organisations. Just provide us with your basic contact details and the companies you need to notify. We’ll handle all the research and paperwork for you. If a letter, email, or form is required, we’ll provide it. In most instances, all you need to do is sign both your old and new names, add the supporting documents specified for each organisation, and send them. It’s that easy and quick.

So, instead of spending time looking up name change procedures for Water Corporation, leave it to us. We’ll get you ready to send letters, emails, and more while you wait for them to answer the phone!


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