Changing Names in Tasmania

Whether you are changing your name from marriage, legally or because of divorce or separation, Easy Name Change provides you with all the information you need to change your name in Tasmania.

Easy Name Change provides you with full personalised letters, emails, name changing procedures for all companies you select, plus any custom forms your organisations may require you to return when changing names. We provide name change procedures for all companies if you live in Tasmania. This includes local organisations such as RACT, Aurora Energy and the University of Tasmania, as well as national organisations like Westpac and the Tax Office.

You can also select to receive the marriage certificate application form or legal name change form for Tasmania in case you don’t yet have your name change document.

All name change kits come with the Easy Name Change Guide which explains your new name options and the process of changing your name. The Guide is packed full of other useful information like instructions for legal name change and obtaining certified copies.

We recommend the personalised kit if you have access to a printer. The premium hard copy kit is sent by mail and is perfect if you don’t have a printer, if you have more than 20 companies or if you want to save even more time by having everything printed and sent to you ready to sign and post.

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