Communications Name Change Procedure

Good news! Dodo has made it super easy to update your accounts. All you got to do is send an email with your request and the required proof. And get this – you can simply forward the Easy Name Change ready to forward email! It’s already addressed to Dodo, so just use the address provided, attach the listed documents, and hit send! Easy peasy!

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

If you’ve recently changed your name, it’s important to notify Dodo as soon as possible. Other organisations may require a utility bill in your new name and current address, making it crucial to update your Dodo account soon after updating your driver’s licence and passport.

Most communication providers don’t have their name change procedures online, so you’ll need to set aside time to call and wait on hold. But don’t worry, Easy Name Change can help! We’ll provide you with the information you need to update your name, whether it’s through email, letter, or completing the company’s change of name form. Plus, we’ll even write the letter for you and provide any necessary forms. With our personalised name change kits, you can select from over 500 Australian organisations, including Dodo, so there’s no need for further research.

Creating your customised name change kit takes just 15 minutes and will be emailed to you shortly after payment. So skip the hold music and let Easy Name Change deliver your personalised kit to you quickly and hassle-free.


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