Emirates Skywards

Loyalty Clubs Name Change Procedure

It’s simple to change names on your Emirates Skywards membership and it can be quickly done online. Log in to your Emirates Skywards account and bring up your profile, then click ‘Manage My Account’ to bring up your personal information. You can overwrite your old name and any other personal information with your new details.

Trawling airline websites for name change procedures is time-consuming and it can be difficult to find the information you need. Calling up often results in lengthy waits, but there is a quicker and easier way to update your Emirates Skywards membership, as well as your account details with hundreds of other Australian organisations. Consider getting all the name change information, letters, forms and emails you need in an Easy Name Change kit.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

We provide ready to send letters and emails and provide comprehensive name change information for each one of your nominated companies. You can be printing off your customised name change kit in the same time it takes to locate name change information for Emirates Skywards online.


Ready to change your name now?

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