Loyalty Clubs Name Change Procedure

It’s simple to change names on your Flybuys account and it can be quickly done online. Sign in online and navigate to Account details > Personal details to bring up your personal information. You can overwrite your old name and any other personal information with your new details.

Are you changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name or changing names legally? Chances are you need to update your driver’s licence, passport, bank accounts, superannuation and dozens more places! Save weeks of leg work! We provide all the paperwork you need to change names quickly.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Simply select the companies you need to notify, and we provide ready to send forms, letters and emails!
In most cases you can just send in our forms! Some places don’t want a written request, so follow our step-by-step instructions for each of your chosen companies.


Ready to change your name now?

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