RACA (Royal Automobile Club of Australia)

Loyalty Clubs Name Change Procedure

While it can be time-consuming to get the correct contact details for the Royal Automobile Club of Australia program administration, updating the name on your RACA profile is usually simple as loyalty club records are not linked to other accounts or financial information.

If you have changed your name, you will need to inform all the organisations where you hold an account, identification or membership. However, the process can be more complicated than it is for RACA. Typically, individuals have around 15 organisations to inform of their new name. This can be a time-consuming task as it involves collecting contact details, making phone calls and writing letters to notify them of the change.

Why not let Easy Name Change take care of this task for you? We undertake all the necessary research and notifications for your name change. We will write personalised name change letters and emails on your behalf, which are pre-addressed and ready to send. Additionally, if any of the organisations require a specific name change form, we will include it in our services. You will no longer need to call around or wait on hold, nor will you need to write a letter or address an envelope.

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Our services include providing detailed instructions for changing your name with RACA and other organisations in Australia. We will also provide any necessary letters, forms or emails required to notify over 500 Australian organisations of your name change. Our kits are easy to customise and take only around 15 minutes to complete. Once payment is received, your kit will be delivered to you within minutes.


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