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Other Name Change Procedure

If you’re a company office holder who has changed names from marriage, is reverting to a prior name or has legally changed names, you must inform ASIC of the change. It’s a relatively simple process of completing the ASIC Change to Company Details form (previously Form 484), which now can only be done online. If you do not have online services enabled, you must register for ASIC online services. Once you are logged in, select ‘Start new form’, then ‘Change to Company Details’.

If you’re a company officer, no doubt you have many other places to change names. Easy Name Change provides ready to send name change notifications for you to sign and send. Our service includes all popular banks, credit cards, insurance, phone and Internet providers, superannuation, passport, driver licence and more. In most cases, you can just sign and send!

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No matter what your reason for changing names our kit will provide the correct information to step you through the process. It only takes about 15 minutes to create a personalised name change kit, so by the time you’ve researched how to change your name with ASIC, you could already be printing out ready to send name change notifications.


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