Southern Rural Water

Utilities Name Change Procedure

Lodge your name change with Southern Rural Water by completing the Application to Transfer License form, provided in your Easy Name Change kit, or call Southern Rural Water directly to ask for a form sent to you. Complete the form and return using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change letter.

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Easy Name Change provides ready to send forms, letters and emails for hundreds of Australian organisations that require your name change notification in writing. In many cases, you can just sign and send it! We also provide detailed name change procedures for over 500 Australian companies, so you don’t need to waste time on hold figuring out what each company needs.

If you want to save a few dollars and manage your own name change we recommend setting aside at least a whole mid week morning to get the research done when wait times are less. Make a detailed list of all the places where you need to change names. Then call each one to learn the process. You will also need a few extra hours to complete forms, write letters and emails. Or save yourself over 8 hours of hassle with an Easy Name Change kit!


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