Name Change Checklist

Name Change Checklist

Get your name change paperwork, from $29

60+ government listings
  • SIN
  • Health card
  • Driver's License
  • Elections
Over 500 more companies!
  • Bank & credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Communications
  • Utilities & more!

If you're changing names, it's up to you to contact each organization to get your identification, accounts and memberships updated. At the bottom of the page you can download this list a PDF or Word document. We can also provide a customized checklist where you can choose each specific company to contact, and we'll provide their name change procedures and any special form.

Priority Name Changes


All other name changes

  • Electoral Roll
  • Utilities (gas, power, water)
  • Communications (home phone, cell phone, internet, pay TV)
  • Bank accounts (savings, checking)
  • Loans (mortgage, car, personal, student)
  • Credit cards and store cards
  • Property title/municipality (for property owners)
  • Landlord (for renters)
  • Investments (share holdings, investment accounts)
  • Retirement (retirement plans, pension accounts)
  • Insurance (home, car, life, health, income protection)
  • Loyalty programs (frequent flyer, hotel rewards, shopping cards)
  • Professional memberships
  • Sports clubs
  • Your employer (email, business cards, directory listings, insurance, pension)
  • Alumni
  • Your children's school
  • Update your will
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Online (ebay, PayPal)
  • Voicemail


Personalize your checklist

Browse our database of over 600 Canadian organizations. Simply select who you need to change names with and we'll provide the procedures and any corresponding paperwork.


Download Generic Checklist

If you've got the time to call each company to research their name change procedure, download this checklist as a word doc so you can edit and keep track of what to send where.



  • Start by updating government photo ID. Some companies want to see this before changing your name
  • As name change usually follows a significant life event, it's a good idea to make a new will
  • Aim to get all your records updated within a week or two. It can be frustrating having various accounts and ID under different names, especially when proving identity