Name Change Checklist

Name Change Checklist

Name Change Checklist

Download our checklist to ensure you cover off every place you need to notify and keep track of your progress. On average, our customers have an average of 26 organizations to notify! If you're managing your own name change it takes between 6 and 8 hours to call around to get the information you need, then write letters, emails and complete forms.


Want to save 8 hours? Click the button below to choose your companies from our database of over 700 Canadian organizations. We'll explain the exact process to follow with each one and provide personalized and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Just sign and send!


Priority Name Changes


All other name changes

  • Electoral Roll
  • Utilities (gas, power, water)
  • Communications (home phone, cell phone, internet, pay TV)
  • Bank accounts (savings, checking)
  • Loans (mortgage, car, personal, student)
  • Credit cards and store cards
  • Property title/tax(for property owners)
  • Landlord (for renters)
  • Investments (stocks, trading and investment accounts)
  • Retirement (retirement plans, pension accounts)
  • Insurance (home, car, life, health, income protection)
  • Loyalty programs (frequent flyer, travel and shopping rewards)
  • Professional memberships
  • Sports clubs
  • Your employer (email, business cards, directory listings, insurance, pension)
  • Alumni
  • Your children's school
  • Update your will! Marriage voids a prior will.
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Online (ebay, PayPal, Amazon)
  • Voicemail


Personalize your checklist

Browse our database of over 700 Canadian organizations. Simply select who you need to change names with and we'll provide the procedures and any corresponding paperwork.



  • Start by updating government photo ID. Some companies will accept this as proof of your new name. 
  • As name change usually follows a significant life event, it's a good idea to make a new will. Your previous will may be invaid.
  • Aim to get all your records updated within a week or two. It can be frustrating having various accounts and ID under different names, especially when proving your identity


We provide detailed and comprehensive information for every company where you need to change names, and put it all into a checklist just for you! Use our generic checklist, or we'll create an interactive checklist with detailed filing instructions and ready to send notifications.

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