Chase Bank

Banking Name Change Procedure

Chase Bank customers need to visit any Chase Bank location in person and request their name be updated. There are no forms and you can’t make an appointment. You will need to take the following documents with you;

  • Original proof of name change. This will be your marriage certificate or court order
  • First proof document. This should be a state or federal photo ID
  • Second proof document. This may be a Chase bank plastic card, a plastic card issued by any other major bank, any other photo ID, a birth certificate or a citizenship document.

If you’ve changed names, you probably have another dozen or so places to notify. Which ones have a form? Can you send a letter or an email? If you don’t feel like wasting all day on hold figuring this out then let Easy Name Change provide you with ready to send forms, letters and emails. Each notification lists what proof to include and where to send! For any companies that don’t allow name changes to be sent in writing (like Chase Bank), we’ll let you know exactly what to do. No unnecessary time on hold! No guesswork!

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All name changes should start by filing the SSA name change form in person at an SSA office. We provide the form in your name change kit. Next, visit your state DMV to get updated photo ID. If your state has a form we provide it for you. Most other banks want to see updated photo ID before they will update your bank accounts, so be sure to get this done soon after you receive new photo ID, otherwise it may be difficult to cash checks.


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