Citibank Name Change

Citibank checking or savings customers should update the name on their account as soon as practical. Otherwise you can experience difficulties when writing checks in a different name from your photo ID.

As with all name changes, follow this process:

    1. Start by changing names with the SSA. You can get the SSA name change form as part of your Easy Name Change kit, then just sign and file. Otherwise contact SSA to get the form. While the form can be filed by mail, we recommend filing in person because you need to show original primary photo ID as part of your application. Allow 2-3 days for SSA records to be visible to other agencies.
    2. No matter what state you are in, you will need to attend your DMV in person. This is so that a new photo can be taken and your signature witnessed. Some states may have additional requirements, like fingerprinting, eyesight tests, knowledge tests and duplicate fees. Your state may have a form, in which case we can provide it as part of our personalized name change kit. Wait to receive updated photo ID.
    3. Attend any Citibank branch in person with your proof of name change and updated photo ID.
    4. If you have a Citibank credit card, you can request this is updated at the same time or you may change names online (marriage & divorce) or post our ready to send letter (for legal name changes).


  1. Attend to any other financial institutions. These could be checking or savings accounts, credit cards, charge cards or loans. We have over 200 different financial insitutions in our database, so simply choose which ones you need to notify from our system and we will provide detailed filing instructions and all corresponding paperwork.
  2. Send off your Easy Name Change letters, forms and emails for the rest:  insurance (health, car, home, life), utilities (water, electricity), communications (phone, internet, subscription TV), travel and loyalty rewards, online accounts, and any others.
  3. If you have any companies that don’t allow name change requests in writing, follow our filing instructions so you know where to send a secure message, call or upload your proof of name change.

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