Comerica Name Change

Comerican customers should change names in person at any branch. Take your original proof of name change (eg: marriage certificate or court order) and updated photo ID. Bank staff will witness your new signature and request any replacement cards or check books.

As you need to show updated photo ID, you’ll first need to change names with the SSA, then with your state DMV. The SSA must be done first as all state DMV pull name records from the SSA and will only allow a match with what the SSA has on file. Easy Name Change provides ready to file forms for the SSA as well as your state DMV, if they have one. Easy Name Change cuts out 8 hours of researching name change procedures, looking for forms and preparing paperwork. We provide ready to send forms, letters and emails from over 1,000 organizations.


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Use our FREE personalized checklist! Each checklist is custom-created for each user and will list all the organizations you need to notify. Our beautiful checklists are easy to follow and will help you know which records to update. We’ll even have a number of companies you may not think about! Our system makes it easy to navigate the 1,000+ listings which are sorted into 11 different categories.


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