Eastern National Bank Name Change

Customers need to visit an Eastern National Bank location to get their name updated. Take original proof of name change, such as your marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order. You also need to show photo ID. Although not necessary, it is helpful to take any bank plastic ATM, credit or debit cards with you.

What records get changed first?

No matter what your reason for changing names you should always start by updating the name with the Social Security Administration, then the DMV. The SSA must be done first as all state DMVs will pull your name from the SSA and only issue identification in the same name. Financial records should then be done next. This includes banks, credit unions, credit cards, loans and mortgages. These organizations are more stringent and generally want to see updated photo ID as they need to be certain of your identity. This keeps your accounts safe and helps prevent identity theft.


Our name change notification kit provides ready to send forms, letters and emails for the organizations you need to notify, including the SSA and the rest listed below.

How to change the rest

It can be overwhelming to think of all the places you need to notify following a change of name. Which companies have special forms? Where do you send them? What proof do you include? Or do you need to follow a different process? You’ll no doubt have a number of letters and emails to send, plus some accounts where you need to log in online and send secure messages. Let Easy Name Change take care of all your research and name change notifications! We provide personalized and ready to send name change forms, letters and emails, plus detailed filing instructions from across 1,000 organizations. Just sign and send!

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