EECU Credit Union Name Change

EECU Credit Union make it relatively simple to change names and offer a number of convenient options. If you live close to a branch, attend in person with original proof of your name change (eg: marriage certificate or court order) and updated photo ID.


You may instead send the Easy Name Change letter or send our ready-to-forward email. Simply choose which notification type you prefer when you create your name change kit. We then provide your preferred document type: letters or emails. We provide ready to send forms, letters and information from over 1,000 different organizations. In many cases you can simply attach your proof of name change, sign and send! Do any of your chosen companies have a special form? No problem – we provide those too. All notifications are personalized and ready for you to sign and send!

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Don’t waste hours on hold! Get ready to send forms, letters and emails from across 1,000 organizations! Each company has been researched and each notification lists what proof to include and where to send it. No guesswork, no rejected name change requests. There’s no risk with our 60 day satisfaction guatantee!

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Get a head start on your name change with our customized checklist! Browse our comprehensive database with over 1,000 organizations, broken up into 13 different categories, so it’s easy to navigate. We provide an easy to follow name change checklist so you can keep track of your progress. You’ll still need to set aside 20 minutes per company to wait on hold, learn the process, complete forms and write letters. Ideal if you have a spare 8 hours to manage this yourself.

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