Huntington Bank Name Change

Like most banks, Huntington needs you to visit in person to update your name following marriage, divorce or a legal name change. Before you head off to the bank, you’ll need to follow these steps first:

  1. File the SSA form in person at any branch. While you can send it in by mail, most people prefer to go and wait in line because you need to show original photo ID and your original proof of name change, such as your marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree. We provide the SSA form in our personalized name change kits, or you can get this directly from the SSA yourself.
  2. Attend your state DMV in person. No name change kit can help with this! The DMV want to see your original proof of name change, current license and take a photo. You may also need to pay a duplicate license fee. If your state has a form we provide it in your pack.
  3. Wait for your updated license to be mailed, then go to Huntington Bank in person.
  4. Here’s where we save you the most time – send off all the Easy Name Change letters, forms and emails to get all your other accounts updated. Most people have another 10 or 20 places they need to notify, such as credit cards, insurances, utilies, phone, subscriptions, rewards programs and more! For any that don’t want a form or letter, we’ll explain the process so you don'[t waste time on hold.


It’s important to update the name with all financial institutions soon after you get updated photo ID, because it can be difficult to prove your identity if you are applying for credit or cashing checks.

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