Republic Bank Name Change

If you have changed names and have accounts with Republic Bank, then you’ll need to visit a branch in person. Save yourself a return trip with our pro-tips.

Get a name change kit. This is optional and, yes, you can totally manage this yourself. But it takes anywhere from all day to several weeks to do all the research, gather the forms, write letters and correspond back and forth with companies as you try to figure out what steps to take with which companies at what time. Don’t be a tight-wad! Get a high-quality name change kit and save yourself from future headaches!


Change names with the SSA. No matter what your story, all name changes start with the SSA name change form which is usually filed in person at a SSA location. Most people choose not to send the form by mail because they don’t want to post original identification documents.

Get updated photo ID. Head over to your DMV. If your state has a form then we provide it for you. We also explain supporting identification, duplicate fees and how to make an appointment, if applicable in your state.

Republic bank, and most other banks. They want you to head over in person. Yes, it’s a total pain in the backside. But you don’t want just anyone being able to change names on YOUR bank accounts! Banks hold your cash and allow access to credit, so it’s understandable that they want to check that you are really who you say you are. Take your original proof of name change and updated photo ID. The bank will arrange replacement checkbooks, ATM cards and credit or debit cards.

Send your Easy Name Change forms, letters and emails. From here there’s no special order. Send off all the notifications for insurance policies, utilities, travel rewards, professional associations and more. Our pre-completed notifications save you the most amount of time.

Places where name change notifications are not required. With fewer companies operating customer contact centres, you will have a few places where you need to log into your account and self-service your name change. We have detailed instructions for hundreds of online organizations. There’s probably a few places where you need to call too. It’s explained for each company in our personalized checklist.

Ready to change your name now?