Virginia Credit Union Name Change

Virginia Credit Union customers have the convenience of changing names either in person or by mail. Easy Name Change provides the VACU name change form as part of your personalized pack of ready to send name change forms, letters and emails. Just attach the proof documents listed and send!

While most customers prefer to start by updating the SSA then changing over photo ID, Virginia Credit Union customers may change their name at any time as you don’t need to present updated photo ID when you go to change names in person. Simply present your proof of name change (eg: marriage certificate, divorce order or court order).

What other forms do I need?

No matter what your reason for changing names, you’ll need to file the SSA name change form, which we provide in our kit. Your state DMV may have a form, which we will provide. Our kit includes step-by-step instructions for all your chosen companies, including how to file, duplicate fees and links to any places where you need to upload documents. Get ready to send forms, letters and emails for all your companies along with detailed instructions in just 10 minutes!


Where else do I need to change names in person?

Most financial institutions require enhanced proof of identity because they hold your funds and can allow access to credit. Chances are you’ll need to attend your bank or credit untion in person. While the SSA name change form can be filed by mail, most customers choose to file in person because they don’t want to mail original identity documents. No matter what state you are in you will need to attend the DMV in person.

What about the rest?

You’ll have a range of forms, letters and emails to send. There will also be some accounts where you need to log in and either upload proof or send a secure message. It takes weeks to get all the research done, know what each company needs and then prepare all your paperwork. Let us take care of all your research and paperwork in just 15 minutes. 

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Ready to change your name now?