Wright-Patt Credit Union Name Change

If you have any accounts with Wright-Pratt Credit Union, you will first need to get your SSA and photo ID updated before attending a branch. Follow our pro tips for the fastest name change.

Start with a name change kit. Yes, you can save a few bucks and do it all yourself, but do you really want to waste weeks contacting every single company, waiting on hold, hunting for forms, filling out tiny boxes and working out what goes where? It’s a small investment for a massive saving in time!


File the SSA name change form. Yep, our forms are ready to file. Most people don’t send the form by mail because they don’t want to post original identity documents. We recommend filing in person at an SSA location.

Head over to the DMV. Well, wait 2-3 working days for the SSA name change to be visible to DMV staff. If your state DMV has a form, we provide it. We also explain duplicate fees and any specific supporting documents required.

Chage names with Wright-Patt CU. Drop in at any of the member centers with updated photo ID and your original proof of name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree, name change order). If you can’t get to a member centre then call the member help centre at (937) 912-7000 to get the ball rolling.

Update all other financial records. Now you have Banks, any other credit cards, loans, financing and digital finance. Chances are you have a few. Banks generally want you to go into a branch in person, but credit cards and loans can often be done by mail or phone. Follow our instructions to send off any letters, or forms or find out where you need to go in person.

Send off all Easy Name Change forms, letters and emails. The simplest and fastest part of our name change kits. This is where you really save so much time! Customers receive an average of 12 ready to send notifications from us. That’s 12 places you don’t need to call, wait on hold, write a letter, work out what proof to include and find out where to send it!

Follow our instructions for places where you can’t change names in writing. There will be a few places where you need to log into your account or call. All companies in our database have had their name change process verified, saving you hours on hold and figuring it all out yourself.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Ready to change your name now?