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Insurance – Health Name Change Procedure

No matter what your reason for changing names, it’s important you update the name on your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy. You may experience issues or delays where the name on your medical paperwork is different from the name on your claim or policy.

How do I update my name?

Each company has a different process, so chances are you will need to send in some forms, some letters and a number of emails. There are also companies that don’t allow name changes to be sent in writing, so you will need to visit some places in person (eg: all state DMVs and most banks). There are also a few online accounts where you will need to navigate to the name change portal or update your profile (eg: PayPal, Amazon).

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Update your name with Blue Cross Blue Shield

The process varies depending on if your health care is issued by your workplace or if you have a direct policy. For workplace policies, contact your human resources department. Each workplace is different, some may require proof (such as your marriage certificate) or a signed statement but most don’t.

Direct policyholders should request your name change through the agent that issued your policy. Find contact info for your local BCBS company online at

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