FREE Married Name Change Checklist

Got your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages? Then you are ready to change names! There’s no central ‘register’ of names, simply reach out to each company and request your name be updated. Know which places to notify and keep track of your progress with our FREE personalised checklist! We’re sure to have companies you haven’t yet thought about.

How to save 8 hours

Hate paperwork? Get ready to send forms, letters and emails in just 10 minutes! No need to wait on hold with Medicare, the ATO or Centrelink. Your checklist explains the steps to take with each of your companies. Just attach your marriage certificate, sign and send!

Get ready to send paperwork

Rather do it yourself?

Sure, you’ll save a few bucks but you’ll need to set aside a massive chunk of time. That’s the time you could be doing more fun newlywed things! Start by creating your free checklist below. It’s the best checklist available anywhere because you can browse our database and check off which companies you need to notify. It’s personalised just for you based on the companies you’ve chosen.

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Next, get in contact with each organisation on that list and learn their process. You may be sent a form, others may need a letter or email. Don’t forget to ask if you should include a photocopy or certified copy of your marriage certificate! Ask if they also require a photo ID or any other proof. Don’t forget to ask for their email or postal address! Phew – this is time-consuming! Allow 20 minutes per company to do the research and complete paperwork. Our average customer has 26 records to update, which takes 8 hours!

Places to notify

  1. Driver’s licence.
  2. Bank accounts.
  3. Credit cards.
  4. Medicare.
  5. Passport.
  6. Australian Electoral Roll (AEC).
  7. Australian Taxation Office(ATO).
  8. Centrelink.
  9. Utilities (electricity, gas, water).
  10. Communications (mobile, internet).
  11. Pay TV / Netflix / TV subscriptions.
  12. Insurance (car, house, health, life, income protection).
  13. Superannuation.
  14. Investments and shares.
  15. Frequent Flyer.
  16. Loyalty Clubs.
  17. Auto clubs (RACV).
  18. Sports clubs (racing clubs, football clubs).
  19. Memberships (library, gym, etc.).
  20. Your employer.
  21. Magazine subscriptions.
  22. Australian Business Registrar (if you are a director of a company).
  23. Local council (if you pay rates).
  24. Landlord/agent (if renting) and rental bonds.
  25. Alumni (university, high school).
  26. Your children’s school (if applicable).
  27. Professional services (your accountant, lawyer, health care specialists).
  28. Online (Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn).
  29. Road toll accounts.
  30. Australian Organ Donor Register.
  31. Pet microchip company.
  32. Voicemail.
  33. Your will (marriage immediately voids any prior will).

Ready to change your name now?