GO MasterCard

Financial Name Change Procedure

You may have picked up a GO MasterCard when shopping at Harvey Norman. These cards are managed by Latitude financial services.

If you’re changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name or legally changing names it’s a good idea to prioritise credit cards. When you tell Latitude about your name change, a card in your new name will be issued. Once activated the previous card stops working and any direct debits will fail. Then when you go to reset any linked direct debits, like road tolls or digital subscriptions you can change names and billing details at the same time.

Chances are you have about 25 different companies to change names with. There are a lot of different processes, forms, proof documents and places to send everything. You’ll also have to write some letters and emails. But what about your GO MasterCard? This one you can change online. Log into Latitude online services and upload a proof document from Births Deaths and Marriages.

How can Easy Name Change help?

GO MasterCard is one of the dozens of places you need to inform. It takes 20 minutes per company to do the research and any associated paperwork. Chances are you have between 20 and 30 places to notify, so that’s going to take weeks. Easy Name Change cuts this down to 15 minutes. We provide ready to send company forms, letters and emails along with fully researched name change instructions for all popular Australian companies. Just choose your companies, receive your forms and send off! For companies like Go MasterCard, we explain where to log in and what proof to attach so you don’t waste hours on hold.


What proof do I need?

GO MasterCard  needs a document issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages. The exact document depends on your reason for changing names; a marriage certificate (for marriage), marriage and birth certificates (to go back to your former name) or a legal name change certificate (for anything else).

Ready to change your name now?

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