Teachers Mutual Bank

Financial Name Change Procedure

If you’re a member of Teachers Mutual Bank and need to change your name, just complete the name change request form included in your Easy Name Change kit, or you can get it directly from TMB. Once you’ve completed the form, return it to any branch in person or use the pre-addressed Easy Name Change mailing slip to mail it in. If you choose to mail it in, you’ll need to arrange for certified copies of your identification documents as listed on the form, and make sure a professional certifies the name change statement.

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Easy Name Change is a notification service that’s perfect for anyone changing names. Instead of spending hours on hold researching the name change requirements for each company, we’ve got you covered! We provide ready to send forms, letters, or emails, depending on each company’s policy, for any of your selected companies that require a written request. Plus, in many cases, you can just sign and send! With an Easy Name Change kit starting at just $35, you can save yourself over 8 hours of research and paperwork.


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