Great Southern Bank

Financial Name Change Procedure

If you live close to a Great Southern Bank location you can attend any branch to change names in person. Take your original proof of name change. For marriage, that’s your official marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you’re removing your spouse’s name you need the BDM marriage certificate plus either your divorce order or birth certificate showing your former name. For any other name change, show your BDM amended birth certificate or a legal name change certificate. Whenever you attend any bank to change names always bring original proof documents with you plus any bank plastic cards.

If you’re not close to a bank you can instead mail in the Great Southern Bank name change form with a certified copy of your name change document. We provide the name change form, pre-completed and ready to mail. We can also provide certified copies of any proof documents you need so there’s no hunting for a J.P. No matter what your reason for changing names, Easy Name Change will save you 8 hours of looking for information and working out what to send where. We provide ready to send company forms, letters and emails. Just attach the proof documents and send!


Not all companies allow name change by mail. There will be some places to call, visit in person or go online. Save time looking for this hard to find information! Just click the button above and choose the places you need to notify. We’ll send you fully researched instructions and all the paperwork you need. Just sign and send!

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