Heritage Bank

Mortgage Name Change Procedure

It’s easy to change names with Heritage Bank. Simply complete the Heritage Personal Change of Name form, included in your kit, and return the form using the Easy Name Change mailing slip. You may instead call Heritage to request a copy of the form to be sent to you. You can use the one form to update multiple Heritage accounts.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

No matter what your reason for changing names is, you probably have 15 to 20 records to update. Save yourself hours of waiting on hold, requesting forms and writing letters. Easy Name Change kits do it all for you! It’s free to browse our database and select as many companies as necessary. Within minutes we’ll send you comprehensive name change procedures and personalised paperwork so you can just sign and send!


Ready to change your name now?

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