About Us

Easy Name Change is a technology company specialising in name change. All development work and research is done in-house. We have automated form checking software, so you can be sure you’ll always get the latest form. We employ a team of research assistants who constantly check procedures, so you’ll get the right information and document every time.

Easy Name Change UK was established in 2009, following the success of Easy Name Change in Australia (2008). Soon after we extended into Canada and the USA. We pride ourselves on being the world’s most comprehensive name changing service.

Easy Name Change was conceived by husband & wife team Genevieve & Derrick Dennis in 2008. Genevieve experienced the pain of changing names first hand and realized she could save others the countless wasted hours of researching procedures and filling in mind-numbing forms. Newlyweds usually deal with over 24 different organizations across 15 different industries.  Our mission is to reduce the research and paperwork from an 8 hour job to just 15 minutes. Our CTO has been continually improving the technology since 2008 to bring users the best possible name change experience available anywhere worldwide.

We’re always trying to improve our service so please contact us with any comments, suggestions or gripes.


Easy Name Change teams with marketing partners in the UK and abroad. If you have a wedding, divorce or lifestyle website consider helping your readers save the time and hassle that comes with changing names! Contact Genevieve for more information.

Media enquiries

Our Marketing Manager Genevieve Dennis is frequently quoted in international media. She has appeared on the Cyber Law & Business Report (webmaterradio.fm and iheartradio), ABC national radio, Breakfast with Red Symons, Melbourne’s Sunday Age, Herald Sun, Melbourne MX magazine, Brisbane’s Courier Mail and Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph.

Please visit our Media page for more information.

Contact Us – Customer Service

Email: askme@easynamechange.com

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Contact Us – Corporate

Wired Living Pty Ltd, atf Dennis Settlement. Please call +61 3 9015 7699 for corporate enquiries only. We can’t assist with general customer service and name change queries on this number

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