Name Change by Deed Poll

If your name change is not from marriage or divorce then you need a deed poll. Get your deed poll, then attach to our notifications and send!

Legal Name Change by Deed Poll

If your name change is not from marriage or divorce, then you need a deed poll. We recommend ordering your deed poll online, as it only takes a few days and costs under £10.

It’s time consuming to update all your account and identification, which is where Easy Name Change guarantees to save you hours! We provide personalised and ready to send name change notifications from across several hundred UK organisations!

Choose which organisations you need to notify and get personalised and ready to send forms, letters and emails. Attach your deed poll and send!

A deed poll gives you total flexibility in choosing a new name. You can change given name/s, your surname or all names, add or drop a name. You may change the spelling or order of your names.

You can’t change names to deceive anyone or escape debt. While there are no laws on illegal names, it should be a reasonable name that can be pronounced, spelled and does not infringe on a copyrighted name or famous name. If your name is confusing you may find it difficult to have it accepted on your official identification, like your passport or driving licence.

Deed polls are easily accessible and reasonably priced in the UK. Expect to pay about £10 to £15 for your deed poll. You can also expect to have fees for a new passport, which may be up to £93.

Check our legal name change cost page for a more detailed breakdown of all the charges that you can expect when legally changing your name by deed poll.

Getting a deed poll with your new name is only half the work. It’s your responsibility to ensure all identification, accounts, memberships and records are changed over to your new legal name within a reasonable time. Easy Name Change saves weeks of research and paperwork with our ready to send name change notifications. Simply select the organisations you need to update and we provide all corresponding paperwork and lodgement details. Just attach your deed poll, sign and send!

Although unusual, your name change could be refused by either the issuer of the deed poll or entities that issue identification.

If you have elected to use a confusing or copyrighted name the deed poll company may choose not to issue your deed poll. If you have successful been issued a deed poll it is still possible that the passports office could reject your name change, so take care when choosing your new name and ensure your new name is reasonable.


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Legal Name Change

You can be known by any name, but to get identification and records changed you need proof, like a deed poll. These are inexpensive and issued quickly, although getting records updated by yourself can be slow. 

How to change names by deed poll

There are 2 main costs in changing names by deed poll. First is the deed poll itself, next are some small costs to update records. We break down the typical charges. 

How much does it cost to change names by deed poll?

You can apply to change the name of your child, but all parties with parental responsibility need to agree. Our notification kits are not suitable for children as they have few organisations to notify.

How do I change a child’s name by deed poll?

An alternative to an online deed poll, you may have a solicitor prepare your deed poll or even have them issue a letter that can be used as proof of your new name. 

Change names with a solicitor

Online deed polls are compliant, widely accepted, fast and affordable. Use an established provider so you can order replacements if needed in the future. 

Choosing a deed poll issuer

Your deed poll has been issued and you’re now ready to tell the world! Browse our companies broken up into 15 categories, then check off the places you need to notify!

FREE interactive name change checklist.