FREE Name Change Checklist

If you’ve got proof of your new name, like a marriage certificate, decree absolute or deed poll, then you’re ready to get all your accounts and identification updated! Our name change checklist is the best anywhere in the world! It’s super easy to navigate! We have over 650 companies broken up into 15 different categories, so you won’t miss any places. And it’s totally free!

Want to save 8 hours?

If you’re sick of paperwork let us do the heavy lifting. We provide ready to send forms, letters and emails. Just attach your proof of name change and send! Your company checklist will have instructions on what process to follow with each company. You’ll get your name changed WEEKS earlier and you’ll save hours of time wasted on hold and searching for forms.


On a budget?

There’s an average of 24 companies to notify of your new name. Create your own personalised company checklist directly from our database! It’s easy to navigate through and see all the places you may need to notify and we’re sure to have a few you didn’t think about. Allow 8 or more hours because you’ll need to go through a time-consuming process for each company! Get in contact with each organisation on your checklist, learn their process, wait for forms to be delivered, fill in the tiny boxes on each form, write letters, attach proof of name change and then send it all off.