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Marriage Name Change

  • Married Overseas

    Married overseas? The name change process is much the same, however you may need special documents. 

  • How Soon Should I Change My Name?

    Whilst it is common for married name change to take place within a few months of a wedding, there is no legal time frame required.

  • How long does it take and cost?

    You can change your name any any time after marriage, though most brides make the change within a month or two.  Invsting in an Easy Name Change kit can save about half a day of your time.

  • How to Change Names after Marriage

    It's quite simple to change names after marriage.  All you need is your marriage certificate and an Easy Name Change personalised kit.

  • Can I Keep My Maiden Name at Work?

    You can keep your maiden name at work, but legally change your name.  We explain how.

  • Marriage Certificate

    Marriage certificates should be ordered locally. This document is essential for changing names. You can order your first marriage certificate, multiple copies or reorder at any time.

  • What Are My Marriage Name Options?

    As a bride you have 4 choices for your new married name.  The only official document needed is your wedding certificate.


Divorce Name Change


Name Change by Deed Poll (Legal Name Change)

  • How to Change Names By Deed Poll

    A name other than your spouse's requires a deed poll. Once approved, you must immediately notify all organisations of your new name. We help you do this quickly.

  • How much does deed poll cost?

    There are two parts to name change; getting your deed poll, then notifying all the organisations.  We explain the time and cost for both aspects.

  • Changing a Child's Name

    Children can have their name change by deed poll. Usually both parents need to consent unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • Deed Poll Organisations

    There are several organisations who specialise in Deed Polls, and most provide an online service.  Here’s what to look for when shopping around for your deed.

  • Deed Poll via Solicitor

    Deed polls can be done by either a solicitor or a dedicated deed poll organisation.  We explain the pros and cons of using a solicitor to notarise your deed.


Name Change Information

  • Changing names on the Electoral Roll

    Keep your name up to date with your local electoral registration office via the annual canvass, or else contact your local office directly.

  • What Name Change Documents do I need?

    We list the documents each UK organisation needs to sight in support of your name change, regardless of your reason for changing names.

  • HMRC Name Change

    Notify HMRC of your new name as soon as possible. Do it online or use our ready to send letters. Make this one of the first organisations you notify.

  • How to Change the Name in your Passport

    It's important the name in your passport is up to date. Full renewal fees are payable regardless of your situation. If changing names from marriage you have 2 options.

  • Changing Names with the DVLA

    Prioritise your driving licence immediately after changing your name.  Updated photo ID is required by some organisations as evidence of your new name.

  • How Do I Change My Name?

    There's 2 parts to changing your name. First get your name change paperwork.  Next, it's up to you to notify all the necessary organisations.

  • Who can certify a copy

    Companies often ask for a certified copy where they don't want the responsibility of handling or returning your original. A certified copy has been checked against the original by a certain professional.

  • How Do I Notify Companies of My New Name?

    Return a form, send a letter or fax, visit a branch in person, go online and more. Companies have a range of name change processes. We explain what each company requires.

  • Name Change for Non Citizens

    UK residents are able to change their name in the UK and Easy Name Change kits are suitable for notifying UK organisations.  Always check with your consulate before changing names.

  • Video - How to build an Easy Name Change kit

    Our 2 minute video steps you through the kit building process and shows what you can expect to receive.

  • National Insurance Name Change

    Regardless of your reason for changing names, you must notify HMRC of the change. Your national insurance number won't change, but your details will be updated.

  • Why should I use Easy Name Change?

    We save our customers around 6 hours of work.  Over the past 4 years we have helped thousands of people change names all over the world.