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Why are you changing names?

Married Name Change

Divorce Name Change

Information Hub

Married Name Change

Congratulations! You can start using and signing your married name straight away! Get your records and accounts updated when your wedding certificate arrives. It’s ready to order about 2 weeks after your ceremony. Discover what married names you can take and which companies to notify first. Not ready to change names yet?  Use our reminder service!

The only document you need to get started is the official marriage certificate! Attach and send with our forms, letters and emails. Some places can be updated online or in person, so read our company instructions.

How do I change names after marriage?

If you want to change names after marriage there are only 3 options available. Both spouses have the same options available and as a couple, you can have different surnames.

What are my married name options?

You’ve had a great life with your name, so maybe you’re not ready to let it go. Is it okay to keep using your former name at work, even if you’ve changed names in other places? 

There’s no time limit on when you must start or complete the process. If you’ve decided not to change names, it’s okay to change your mind years later and simply show your marriage certificate as proof of your name change.

Is there a time limit for changing names after marriage?

Our customers generally have all their name change requests sent within a week or two of starting. Allow 4 to 6 weeks if you do your own research. Expect to pay for a new passport.

How long does it take and cost to change names after marriage?

You can take your spouse’s surname even if you were married overseas! Apply for your official foreign marriage certificate, then attach to our notifications and send. 

Changing names when you were married overseas

If you have not applied for your official marriage certificate you may need this as it has certain security features not available on a religious certificate. Order from your county registrar or the GRO.

How to order your UK marriage certificate

Got spare time to manage your own name change research and paperwork? Create your beautiful & personalised checklist! Check off all your companies from our extensive database and receive a custom list by email! 

Build your FREE customised marriage name change checklist

Divorce & Revert to Former Name

Ready to ditch that name? We’re here to help! You don’t need to be divorced, just show different identity documents. Get our ready to send company notifications, attach the proof listed and send! It’s really that easy!

If you’re divorced then you may already have all the documents needed to start changing names! Each company has a different process, but we’ll help get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

How do I change names after divorcing?

You can return to your former name without needing to provide any reason. You don’t need to be divorced or separated either. You probably already have the proof needed to get started.

How do I go back to my former name without being divorced?

It’s okay to keep using a passport in your married name, especially if you already have travel booked in that name. Change the name in your passport whenever you are ready.

How do I revert to my former name on my passport?

Got hours to spend on hold, learning processes and filling in paperwork? We’ll help you get started with our FREE checklist! Browse our database and check off the companies you need to notify then we’ll email your custom name change checklist!

Create your FREE name change checklist!!

Information Hub

Do you have a tricky history of name changes? Maybe you were born overseas or live between 2 countries? Short on proof? We are the experts and have the answers! You can also access our free downloadable name change checklist so you can do it yourself, and at the same time get an idea of how much time we would save you!

There are 2 key steps. First, get proof of your new name which varies depending on your reason for changing names. Next, send off our notifications so each organisation can update your record. 

Learn the 2 step process to changing names

This is the most difficult part about changing names as each company has to be notified separately. And the process for each company is different. You’ll need to send a range of forms, letters and emails.  

How do I notify companies of my new name? 

Change names online via HMRC. National Insurance and a number of other linked government modules can be updated at the same time. You’ll still need separate notification for licence, passport and some other places.  

How do I change names with National Insurance?

While all records should be changed over in a reasonable time, it’s okay to delay your passport if you still have travel booked in your former name. Complete the online passport application or send in a paper form.  

How do I change the name on my passport?

Electoral roll data is amalgamated from various sources throughout the year. You can advise of a name change online or to your local office. You can also request your name is kept the public register. 

How do I update my voter registration after changing names?

Your car or lorry licence can be updated by mail. You’ll need to send original identity documents, so it’s handy to have a few copies of your marriage certificate or deed poll.  

How do I change names on my driver’s licence?

A number of government records are linked from HMRC, so it’s a good idea to make HMRC a priority. Change names online and also advise if you have a change of domestic situation. 

How do I change names with HMRC?

If you need to change names in writing but the company doesn’t want the responsibility of handling your original documents you may be asked for a certified copy.  

How do I get certified copies?

Depending on your reason for changing names it’s either a marriage certificate, decree absolute or deed poll. You can use different documents to go back to your former name without being divorced and may need proof you have started using your new name. 

What proof documents do I need to change names?

Our customers save an average of 8 hours and get their names changed weeks faster! Our satisfaction guarantee means you have nothing to lose! If you enjoy waiting on hold, completing forms and writing letters then you don’t need Easy Name Change.  

Why should I use Easy Name Change?

If you’ve moved to the UK and become a permanent resident or citizen you can still change names! Follow our tips for your name change abroad and be careful when booking international travel.  

Name change for new citizens and permanent residents

If you are a permanent resident outside of the UK then you may be able to apply for a legal name change in your country of residence. But what about updating your UK records? Can our kit help?  

Can you change names while residing outside of the UK?

Need a deed poll, celebrant or other wedding or other professional? Our favourite businesses. 

Recommendations and resources for your name change

You’ve changed your name, and you’re now ready to tell the world! Browse our companies broken up into 15 categories, then check off the places you need to notify!

Create your customised name change checklist in minutes!

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Easiest name change process ever. Gen was always available, helpful, and quick to respond. Would highly recommend if you want to make your life easier.

Stefanie Le Lievre

I had put off changing my name for so long, because I just had no idea where to start. Easy namechange made it so easy and I would definitely recommend them.

Elizabeth S

Well worth the cost. Invest a bit of time before selecting the organisations you need to inform of your name change. Their customer support is great, they really will do their best.


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