Reverting to Your Former Name

Start changing names now – you don’t need to be divorced! We explain exactly what’s required.

What is required by law?

If you simply took your spouse’s surname by showing your marriage certificate, you have by law ‘assumed’ their name. Legally you can still be known by your former name at any time. If you want to revert to your former name you should only need to show your marriage and birth certificates together as these link your current and former names. If your divorce is finalised then show your decree absolute and birth certificate.

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What proof do companies need to change records?

Each company will confirm what proof documents they require before changing your name – it’s not consistent between companies. If you are not divorced some companies will insist on a deed poll certificate, even though you are legally entitled to be known by your maiden name at any time. If an organisation insists on a deed poll we recommend being persistent and speaking to another company representative and explaining the law.

Your passport may be one of the first documents you update. You can apply for a new passport online and don’t need to be divorced. You will be required to provide a statutory declaration that you’ve reverted to your former name and show evidence that you are using your preferred name. This may be correspondence from a financial institution, government department or payslip.

When a company insists on a deed poll, update your photo ID first. Show this alongside your marriage and birth certificates. If your name change request is still rejected, reconsider your options; You can close your account and reopen a new one using your updated licence or passport, choose to do business with a more progressive organisation or apply for a deed poll.

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You can be divorced, happily married or somewhere in between. Each notification states what proof documents to include. Where we say to enclose your ‘certificate’, simply include your birth certificate together with either the decree absolute (if divorced) or birth certificate (not divorced). Want to know which companies we have procedures and paperwork for? Just click the button below.


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