Name change
after marriage

Our kit provides all the necessary paperwork with easy instructions to save you hours changing your name.

How to change names after marriage

Congratulations! You’re married and have decided to take your spouse’s surname! The not-so-great news… it can take weeks to get all your accounts and records changed over to your new name yourself. 

Our service saves the hassle of contacting each company to verify their process. No need to spend hours on hold, looking for forms or writing letters! We’ve done all this hard work for you. Get ready to send company notifications in just minutes!  

Even better – you only need your marriage certificate to get started! Simply attach to our personalised forms, letters and emails then send!

The easy way: Use our name change notification kit to get personalised and ready to send name change notifications for your companies. In most cases, you can attach your marriage certificate and send!

There are also going to be places where you need to log in to your account, visit a branch or call. Our company checklist explains each company’s process so you don’t waste time on research.

Start here

The hard way: Yep. More lists. Start by doing an audit of all the places you may need to notify. This could be anywhere from 8 to over 50. Contact each one or research online to get their name change procedure and look for any forms needed.

Note all the requirements in your checklist – post and email addresses, proof documents, links to forms, important URLs, office opening hours and the steps to follow.

Next, get busy writing letters and emails, completing forms and hammering the photocopier. Allow 20 minutes per company. If you have 25 companies then that’s 8 hours you could have saved with an Easy Name Change kit.

No matter which way you go, larger banks need you to visit in person. But for the rest, you’ll save hours of time wasted on hold and completing boring paperwork.

The good news is that there’s no special application process or registration of your married name! You only need the official marriage certificate to take your spouse’s surname. It’s a good idea to get your driving licence updated first as you can show your updated photo ID in some places. 

There’s often no special order in which to update your identification and accounts, so you can work through our company list from A to Z, or any other order you like!

It can be a good idea to prioritise photo ID. This may be used in some places to prove your name change in person, such as your local library, gym or with health professionals.

Newlyweds can take any of these names by simply showing their marriage certificate:

  • Drop your surname and take your spouse’s.
  • Add your spouse’s surname to your own. Names can appear in either order and can be separated by either a space or a hyphen.

A deed poll is needed if you:

  • Want to change any part of your given name/s.
  • Want a surname other that yours or your spouse’s.
  • Want to blend a part of each surname together to make a new name
  • Want to move your birth surname to become a middle name.

Most companies won’t write back to confirm your name was changed. Check that your new name appears when you next log into your account or receive correspondence. Most companies update your name within a few days of receiving your request, but some can take weeks, like UK passports.


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Marriage Name Change

The only document you need to get started is the official marriage certificate! Attach and send with our forms, letters and emails. Some places can be updated online or in person, so read our company instructions.

How do I change names after marriage?

If you want to change names after marriage there are only 3 options available. Both spouses have the same options available and as a couple, you can have different surnames.

What are my married name options?

You’ve had a great life with your name, so maybe you’re not ready to let it go. Is it okay to keep using your former name at work, even if you’ve changed names in other places? 

There’s no time limit on when you must start or complete the process. If you’ve decided not to change names, it’s okay to change your mind years later and simply show your marriage certificate as proof of your name change.

Is there a time limit for changing names after marriage?

Our customers generally have all their name change requests sent within a week or two of starting. Allow 4 to 6 weeks if you do your own research. Expect to pay for a new passport.

How long does it take and cost to change names after marriage?

You can take your spouse’s surname even if you were married overseas! Apply for your official foreign marriage certificate, then attach to our notifications and send. 

Changing names when you were married overseas

If you have not applied for your official marriage certificate you may need this as it has certain security features not available on a religious certificate. Order from your county registrar or the GRO.

How to order your UK marriage certificate

Got spare time to manage your own name change research and paperwork? Create your beautiful & personalised checklist! Check off all your companies from our extensive database and receive a custom list by email! 

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