What Are My Married Name Options?

Either spouse has the following 4 options for their new married name. As a married couple, you can have different surnames. Any of these changes can be taken with only your official marriage certificate as evidence of your new name.

  • Change your surname to your spouse’s. This is still the most popular choice, and we still see around 80% of UK brides ditching their former name.
  • Take a double-barrelled surname. This is where your spouse’s surname is added to yours. Traditionally the groom’s name appears last, but you can arrange the names in either order and use either a space or hyphen between the surnames. Some companies may insist you have a deed poll, however you can change your passport and driving licence with just your marriage certificate, you can then use your updated passport and driving licence as evidence of your new name for subsequent changes.
  • You can use a combination of your married and maiden name. You may want to retain your birth name at work, especially if you’ve developed a professional reputation. Personally, you may choose to change names on your identification and other records. Just make sure your accounts and ID are consistently under the same name or it can be difficult to prove your identity.
  • You can leave your name as is and take no action.

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Want a different surname entirely?

A couple can change their surname name to something entirely different but would need a deed poll. If a couple decides they both want a new name, it’s easier for one person to get their name changed before appling for a wedding licence. The new name is then printed on the wedding certificate then the other spouse acn assume that name after the wedding. A deed poll is also required if you want to change any spelling, rearrange, add or drop a name.

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