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Changing Your Name After Divorce?

Remember the time it took to change names when you were married? Be done with weeks of research and paperwork with our ready-to-send name change forms! Start using your previous name in just 15 minutes!

There’s no special registration – just send off our notifications to request your accounts and records are updated. Even if you’re not divorced, chances are that you already have the proof needed.

Maybe you’ve already got your head around the divorce or separation name change process, but have a more specific question?

Check our knowledge center below for more detailed information! 

A married name is an assumed name, meaning your name never legally changed (unless you used a deed poll after marriage). You’ve always been able to resume the use of your former name no matter what your marital situation!

If you’re already divorced, then simply attach a copy of your decree absolute and birth certificate to our notifications and send!

Not divorced? Then show your marriage and birth certificates together. There may be some companies where you need extra proof, such as correspondence or documents showing that you have already resumed the use of your former name. Check our company instructions to know what proof is needed!

Our name change kit will save you hours of boring research and tedious paperwork. It will take WEEKS off your name change! Simply choose which companies you need to update and get step-by-step instructions for each company along with ready-to-send forms, letters and emails. Start here

Rather do it yourself? Set aside about 8 hours across a few weeks so you can contact companies, wait for processes to be confirmed and forms to be sent. Then prepare all the forms and notifications yourself. Allow about 20 minutes per company. If you have 25 places to notify that’s an extra 8 hours. There are likely to be a few more companies you’ve forgotten, so use our free customised name change checklist.

While there’s no special order in which to update your records, we suggest getting photo ID issued in your new name early on. This can then be used as proof of your new name with some companies, especially smaller companies where you attend in person, like your library or health providers.

Passports can take many weeks, so you may want to get your driving licence updated first. Hold off changing your passport if you have any pending travel booked in your former name.

The name change process becomes quite time-consuming from this point, as financial instructions have a wide range of policies for name change.

Most high street banks need you to attend in person with your original proof of name change and could request updated photo ID. Any credit cards with this bank can be updated at the same time. Banks with smaller branch networks and digital finance often have a form or special name change portal online. Save yourself the hassle of waiting on hold with the bank as we provide fully researched procedures and your bank’s latest name change form, where required. 

Our customers have an average of 24 places to notify, so you’ve only just started. This is where you have a heavy investment of time because each company has a different policy. Maybe you need to send in a form or write a letter or email. What proof do you include? Where do you send it? Or maybe you need to upload proof online?

All this research and paperwork takes an average of 8 hours. Use an Easy Name Change kit to get everything you need in just 10 minutes! Then it’s simply a matter of attaching the proof listed and then sending off our notifications! All your paperwork is personalised and pre-addressed – just sign and send!


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Divorce & Separation Name Change

If you’re divorced then you may already have all the documents needed to start changing names! Each company has a different process, but we’ll help get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

How do I change names after divorcing?

You can return to your former name without needing to provide any reason. You don’t need to be divorced or separated either. You probably already have the proof needed to get started.

How do I go back to my former name without being divorced?

It’s okay to keep using a passport in your married name, especially if you already have travel booked in that name. Change the name in your passport whenever you are ready.

How do I revert to my former name on my passport?

Got hours to spend on hold, learning processes and filling in paperwork? We’ll help you get started with our FREE checklist! Browse our database and check off the companies you need to notify then we’ll email your custom name change checklist!

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