How Do I Change My Name?

When changing names there are generally 2 parts to the process. First, get an official document that proves your name change. It will list both your old and new names. The type of document needed depends on your reason for the name change.

The second part is more time-consuming – you need to notify every organisation where you hold identification, an account or membership. These companies have different name change procedures, so you’ll have to return forms and send letters and emails. There’s a small number of places to visit in person and perhaps a few to call. It’s different for everyone depending on the companies that you need to notify. (cont…)

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First, get proof of your name change

Marriage is the most common reason for changing names, with around 80% of UK brides taking their husband’s name after marriage. The only official document you need to start the name change process is your marriage certificate.

If you’re divorced, show your decree absolute together with your birth certificate.

If you want to revert to your former name without being divorced, show your marriage and birth certificates. Some organisations may require additional proof, such as an updated photo ID, a document in your new name and/or a sworn statement.

deed poll is required if you’re changing names for any other reason or if you can’t find the proof documents needed. There are other acceptable ways to change names, such as a letter from a person of responsibility or with a solicitor. However if you want to change names in your passport and get your records changed with minimal fuss a deed poll is recommended. Easy Name Change recommends For more information see our deed poll section.

Next, notify all the necessary companies of your new name.

Unfortunately, there’s no magical agency that goes around and updates all your government records for you. That’s because the account holder needs to authorise all changes directly. We do the next most magical thing and deliver all the notifications, paperwork and step-by-step instructions from your choice of over 650 UK organisations.

Start by updating your driver’s licence or other government-issued photo ID. Then notify your bank, which usually requires you to attend a branch in person. We can help you with the rest. Save yourself the hassle of finding that special form or writing a letter or email. We’ll take care of all your name change notifications in just 10 minutes.

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